Its amazing how art can turn our lovely world to become something great and magnificent. And France, notably Paris have been a cultural architect for a long time. This has made the city fathers to keep on improving their innovative ideas in different sectors of the economy. From fashion, literature, art, cuisine, photography, filming and many others. There is a lot to explore in France for casino france.

All this have contributed a huge part to make sure that the country remains the giants when it comes to a sophisticated tech space in the world. The current state of technology in France is well commendable and that has move us to take a quick look on what is taking place currently, at the same time, lets take a nod to look on what the future really hold.

For now, let’s have a quick look on the best B2B Tech that you will find in 2020. There are quite a number of them but we will try to pay much attention to the ones that have been making waves.

Dassault Systèmes

This is a product design company that was founded way back in 1981. The company has been doing so well contributing massively in the economy of France. They have accommodated over 13000 employees. This a company that offer 3D products along with machine design tool. The 3D solution assist users with the best data creation, publication, simulation as well as management. Dassault Systèmes is striving to make sure that they reach an extended audience in this digital era.


If you want your company to become popular on various social media platform for some reasons. Surely Mention is the best company in France that will walk you through the process without any hassles. The company is available to assist you in identifying the best and powerful influencers. This will help your company to connect with other big players in the industry that you might be operating in. The Mention’s headquarters is situated in Paris.


This is a free and open-source CMS tool that permits a lot of users to share access to different types of multimedia files. A lot of users in France find this platform as a very easy feature to use on metadata as well as support for a lot of sporadic format. The company believes that open source has the power to rock media space. Their headquarters is located in Paris.


The Genymotion is very popular in France. This is a feature that is available in both G2’s Mobile App Testing and Mobile App Debugging categories. This is the product that offer alternatives for desktops as well as the cloud on demand. Moreover, the vendor, Genymobile is also available to offer some exciting additional features and products that include; Genydeploy and Genykiosk.

Above all Genymotion has been configured to assist in creating Android apps with unlimited installations Most users in France will find it as a very quick as well as easy startup. If you are interested in Genymobile service surely you can find them in Paris now!