The French Tech ecosystem has witnessed a massive growth in the past few years. And it’s not all about the innovation, but credit also go to an exciting wave of entrepreneurs, investors along with young talented and vibrant people.

Simply because of this brilliant growth there is absolutely an exponential response when it come to fundraising. A lot of France Tech companies across numerous sectors have actually gained the attention of investors along with their great innovations

The La French is amongst the existing movement for a lot of energetic entrepreneurs for casino en ligne. This group is actually backed by the most reputable brand in the name of French Tech companies. This is available throughout numerous sectors.

The La French initiative has motivated movement for entrepreneur and it has found full support from the Tech Initiative. This has propelled start-up to create a good economic value in France.

Paris is the best city in France when it comes to tech investment and business. In Q2 2019 the city recorded a massive record of $1.2 billion in funding only across all the 83 deals that they have done. At the same time, Paris is not the only city in the country that has embraced the fastest growth in tech. Rather there are quite a number of them and we are going to list them down here.


Paris is the French capital city at the same time, it is also the best when it comes to tech startup businesses. This is one of the cities in France that is home to various tech startup which are aiming to create the world’s greatest startup incubator. The government has played a significant role to make sure that Paris become an accommodative destination for startup businesses. And it is great to mention that their move has been very fruitful as Paris is growing to be one of the greatest tech hubs in Europe.

In its second year, the city witnessed 83 massive deals with great companies such as Meero, Payfit, Bioserenity, Vestiarie Collective and Manohano.


Lyon is a city that is at the east-central side of France. It is the second richest city after Paris. Their economy is actually doing well and it has been boosted by the existence of tech companies, see casino en ligne france. The city of Lyon consists of a very significant software industry and that has contributed to make it one of the fastest growing tech cities in the country.


‎Montpellier is in the Occitanie region that is in the Southern side of France. This city is the seventh largest and is still awaiting the massive set up of “La Halle French Tech”. This initiative is deemed to back over hundreds of startup in the city of Montpellier.

The city is on the verge of securing massive business deals that will include players such as Pepsia along with Sim&Cure.

Above all, if you are planning on having a startup company in France, surely those are amongst the cities that you should include in your bucket list.

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