Since France is one of the greatest countries with the best economy, it is not surprising that all this is being propelled by the best innovations that the country consist. We can all perceive that the cities in France have the best tech and innovations. But there are also things that we haven’t put into considerations.

There is a lot under the skin when it comes to digital technology that you need to know like casino en ligne. And this piece will surely walk you through all the amazing innovations that this beautiful country encompasses.

France is the Land of WIFI

The world has become a connected community since everything is now taking place online. And French people have implemented that in a very commendable manner. France is known to be the land of WIFI. This is because they are by far the better country when it comes to offering WIFI services. They have 9.58 million terminals along with 13 million public terminals way ahead of the United State. As if that is not enough, France went on and increased their number of terminals in 2018 by a massive 80% making it the biggest WIFI service provider in the world.

France at the Cutting-Edge of Big Data

Three of the best French companies out of the five that are competing are improving in their efficiency along with saving time. Big data maturity is also becoming a thing simply because of the best tech engineer that France has. These engineers are trained in mathematics along with statistics’ and that has made France to be ranked amongst the best in data collection and statistics. The country is ranked second for the number of field medal.

The Best Online Courses

In a short period of one year, there have been 400,000 students, as well as employees and all those people who are aspiring to take their careers further. These people will have a chance of pursuing over 53 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) at the French Digital University.

Moreover, the catalogue of this platform has been expanding at a very high rate with other 23 new MOOCs being available since September 2014.

Therefore, this University is being celebrated with a lot of pride as it is offering the best tech and innovations that are line with today’s trends.

The French Are Connected

As mentioned before, France is the land of WIFI this simply means that wherever you are in the country you are surely connected online. 83% of French people make use of the internet on a daily basis compared to the European average of 75% according to the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research. The mobile internet has become the real deal in the country. This is because it accommodates almost 40% of people using it since 2012 with the comparison of only 10% way back in 2007.

France a Social Media Hub

French people are very active on social media with Facebook consisting of over 28 million French accounts, this represent a 42% of the French people on the social media platforms.